Forum Seeding

Online & forum seeding takes part in bringing brands close to user in the internet era. The problems of product will be discussed into forums, this take part in broadcasting brand. Not only broadcasting brand, but also online seeding brings the feedback, feeling of user in order to help manufacturer have some solutions to develop and make good their product.

We will determine with you just who it is you want to reach. We will then determine what forums and blogs they might frequent, and we will become members of that community and make sure your product gets talked about.

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我們的網絡打手服務 (Forum Seeding) 覆蓋所有香港熱門討論區

隨著論壇普及化, 越來越多人利用論壇每天接收不同的資訊, Forum Seeding 是利用網民的討論方式, 在論壇, 滲透式宣傳, 比傳統的 Marketing 宣傳方式更著重互動性, 更能令品牌宣傳融入大眾

詳細分析 目標明確
對每位顧客作詳細了解, 清楚產品與服務特性, 度身訂做具優勢的網絡宣傳策略


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